Friday, January 21, 2011

My Sunrise

Each year, our church does a Lenten devotional booklet for members to read each day in preparation for Easter. It's a short little thought booklet and somehow I get roped into writing one every year. Although a little early on my deadline, I hope you enjoy:

2011 Devotional

This world can sometimes knock the breath out of you. We all grow up and get so wrapped up in the big business deal or birthday parties or ourselves that we forget to really stop and look around at all that God has provided for us. Instead, we become complainers and keep taking for granted so many gifts we have on a daily basis. Just think for a second with me: what are some of your daily gifts?

For me, that gift is the sunrise. A sunrise makes me stop for those few little seconds each day and realize that God created everything. He has created all of us: the birds, the trees, the clouds, and has brought life into each. I can remember a time growing up when I thought everything in this world was as marvelous as that sunrise. A time when I didn’t fear being judged or being perceived badly by other people. Instead, I focused on what was good in the world and how I could help the world become a better place. I don’t know about you, but I want and need that positive thinking back in my life.

My hope this Lenten season is that you take a moment and find your sunrise. Make a point to stop each day and thank God for that daily gift you have been given. I know for me, through good times and bad, that sunrise gives me reassurance that God knows exactly what I need and what I need to be doing.

Much love,


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