Thursday, September 16, 2010

Has it really been two years?

Has it really been two years since my last post? That's insane!

It's remarkable how quickly time flies so let me just catch everyone up in a nutshell of the many exciting events happening in the Anderson household.

1. October 5, 2009 marked one of the most rewarding days in my life. Sasha Renee' Anderson came screaming into this world with a head full of black hair and a smile to just melt you over. She is perfect and we have started a blog for her ( if you want to keep up with us there. Being a mom is quite frankly the best and worst feeling all wrapped up in one. Best because I never in a million years knew I could ever love something like I love her (and Dave of course!). But worst because, as a working mama, I struggle so much with my time. Work calls but that smile when I walk in the door.....I just can't even describe that feeling. I'm in love with this child and it amazes me that we have been blessed with such a terrific little baby to call our own. We are about to celebrate her 1st birthday! I'm so excited to get to watch her - she is so social and independent (and stubborn)....I have a feeling my grey hairs are just days away but would not trade it for the world.

2. WE MOVED! Yes, after two and a half years of looking at houses, Dave and I finally found a house we just loved. Our little townhouse was missed for all of a second, but when we walked into our current house we knew that was it! It's been great hosting parties, cheering on our favorite football teams (ie LSU and Saints - GEAUX DAT!), and mostly just being able to have space for our little family. The dogs love the backyard, the neighbors are great, and we enjoy just being at home grilling most of the time. I'm excited about the projects we will eventually get to, but for now we are making it our home and we are loving it!

3. We made four years! In August, Dave and I celebrated 4 years of being married together. I'm very blessed and a little shocked I haven't run him off yet. He still is my rock and quite frankly my best friend, seeing me at my best and worst usually all within the same day. Although we have our moments (what marriage doesn't), my favorite time is crawling into his arms at night and waking up to his snore. Yes, ladies...ole stud muffin has quite the snore when he is pooped! Shocking I know! He has not surprised me with how hands on he is with Sasha and I am so very very thankful for all he does for us - he's a great daddy and husband!

Those are really the big 3 events going on with us. I still can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged! What a slacker Carla - GEEZ! I'll try and update soon but until then, I would ask you to tell your grandma/grandpa you love them this week. My Grammy has been continually sick this past year and I know her time is limited with us (post more later). My Grammy is my heart and the person who has taught me so much about caring for others and seeing the good in people. So, in honor of "Gram", just give yours a call and a quick "I love you!"

~ Carla